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Posting on tumblr mostly now. Cause its a whole lot easier.

Well, its been a while.

I've been neglecting my LJ. For those that read this, I'm sorry.

I've been using twitter a lot these last few months, so I guess you could say I've jumped on the bandwagon. I don't like just posting my tweet stream on here as it just seems even more lazy than tapping out something original.

To me, twitter is better supported on mobile devices. It is more than just being able to post from my phone. Being able to take a photo and post it is stupidly easy.

Compare this to LJ. If I wanted to write a post and include a photo, I'd have to open a browser, upload it to a service (flickr/lj scrapbook/whatever), get the url, compose some html code and type it all up.

I know LJ really wasn't meant for on the fly, mobile posts (whereas twitter is). It has been a while since I looked at some clients and the web interface.

I would like to think LJ Scrapbooks ease of use and client range has been improved since I last used it. Not holding my breath. Last I checked the web interface was still the best way and that was still prone to the odd bug or two.

My habits have changed, there is no doubt about that. I would like to post more media on here, I'd just like to have a client that works and is easier to use than lj2me or the web interface.

Everything else in my life is great at the moment. Maybe more later when I have time to add some media?


I do like evenings with Jess just listening to light music. It somehow feels right not to watch what is given on fta TV.

All sorts

Okay, I promised to update more often and I haven't. My bad.

Jess and I finally paid off the white goods credit card and then we went and bought a treadmill (Jess) and a new bike (for me). The new bike is so I can ride to work and back. I'm still figuring out the details (like, for example, how to arrive at work and handle sweat).

Because of this we've put back plans to purchase our car for about a week or so. We're pouring money back into the credit card to get it paid off quickly. Mainly because the bike will only have 2 months interest free. I'd say from about next week we'll be getting pre-approval for a car loan and doing some looking.

Also got Nokia's Sportstracker working, which is really neat (except that one the average speed is a lot lower because I forgot to stop it for about 10 minutes).

This also ties in with my food diary tracking using Calorie King (cheesy name, but surprisingly well built website). I started I think 6th July and now a month later, I can't seem to convince the scales that I weigh 106 kilograms anymore. It continues to say 104 kilograms. Does tracking my food intake work? Sure, when you're more than a little OCD like me and Jess. For my height and body weight, I would probably burn about 2000-2500 kcals per day. So I just have to keep my intake under that.

It seems to be working so far, but I'll continue to provide updates over the next six months or so.

In work news, I got my custom made tool roll back. It is awesome. It also cost me $125 AUD. Which is mighty expensive but I guess its worth it (I'll claim it back on tax). More annoyingly, I just found my Booq backpack I bought as my work tool bag, the shoulder straps on it have separated from the foam laptop padding (Pic here).

I was really excited about this backpack when I bought it. I don't think the straps will fall off or anything but it is annoying when I paid so much for it ($270 AUD) and everything else with it screams quality.

I'll contact Rushfaster and Booq about it. I think there could be improvements made to the design!

Jess and I have fallen in love with the idea of travelling on the Ghan at some point in the future ... when we have the $$$'s =)


Busy busy

Have been out west for the last few weeks. Will be out there for a couple more as one of our team went on holiday for three weeks.

Finally got rid of my old work phone, an LG TU550. Got a second hand Treo 750 and have jazzed up the winmo interface a bit to make it more bearable. The screen is also scratched badly so I got some screen protectors for it.

Finally got my tax done Fri night. We thought it might have been calculated wrong (and so I would have been in line for a bumper tax return) as I paid over 25% of my gross in tax. As it turns out, it was nearly spot on. I still have to pay the government about $245 in tax. Which isn't a bumper return but is still good.

Yesterday I went to a trivia afternoon organised by Thiess for charity. Our table came runner up in the main comp (free hair cut vouchers; I gave mine to Jess) and we won a secondary comp. I scored a bottle of wine and some Grand Marnier which Jess was very happy with. Apparently it is her favourite liquer? ;)

Yesterday and today my throat has been getting steadily more sore. So might be coming down with a cold. Will do my best to stave it off.


Busy weekend

Yeah, it has been. A good weekend though. We've decided that the month between mid-July and mid-August is going to be a month of sorting out financial stuff.

One of the big things is to sort out our superannuation and to get our wills sorted. I think the super fund I'm in (Sunsuper) isn't exactly the best so I'm going to do some research and switch.

At some point we'll also see if we can get a car loan so we can finally get a car for Jess. Its long overdue.

Other than that, not much more than the usual going on.

My travels and old age

You know, I may only be young at 31, but working with people 10 years plus younger than me makes me feel old.

I wish I could imbue them with the enthusiasm for my job that I have. My cynical side tells me it would be a waste even if I could.

Their focus scatters too easily, they are unable to retain information and I wonder: surely I can't have been this bad? I don't remember being this unreliable at any job. I could be wearing rose coloured glasses though.

All I can say is it would be a treat to be able to work in a team of people I can depend upon.


Well I finally caved in and got a new phone. Not an iphone nor is it a winmobile handset.

So far, I've only come across a couple slightly annoying bugs on it (sorry, a Nokia N97). Other than that it has just been a joy to use.

I also finally got the flip minoHD I've been craving all year. Its not perfect (using the closed source, licensed 3ivx codec comes to mind) but it does youtube style, short video clips very well and in HD to boot (720p HD).

Suffice to say I'll be uploading a lot more videos to youtube from now on.

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes, really meant a lot this year. Nana, I'll try to post more often now I can do it practically anywhere.



Another day, another year, and I am 31. That's it, really. I'm off to the islands for a bit of work today.


You know, I just don't have that much to report. My style is more list style, so I'll give that a go again. I guess if LJ did powerpoint presentations I could present my life for the last three weeks in bullet points. (hehe)

  • Bought a new tool bag - a backpack called the Booq Boa 3M. Very nice.

  • Designed a new tool roll, will get it made up in the next week or so.

  • Service Manager at work quit, which means I get to share with the other senior tech his duties from now in (something like 60/40 him/me)

  • Tried the new Debian on my personal laptop. It worked, and I was getting happy with it, but then decided to try out Win7rc. It turns out the VGA in my laptop doesn't support Aero. Which makes Vista/Win7 not look its best.

  • And no, I can't force Aero to turn on. I'll probably go back to linux in a couple months

  • Oh, and Debian still doesn't recognise Internode's mirror as official. Might ask someone. There's probably a good reason, though.

  • Lots of people we know have been having babies. MALE babies. Maybe its just me but shouldn't there be more female babies? Like a 50/50 ratio? Maybe there's more elsewhere that is making up for our little universe.

  • Given up for now on voip. Couldn't find the right power supply for my PoE injector, I'll try and get a freebie from work one day.

  • The mediaserver is powering along. Need to a) solve issue where fsck does an intensive check on all hdd on bootup b) install webmin so Jess can restart it without me present and

  • c) at some point would like to exchange the linux mint 6 on there for debian 5.0. But then why fix it if it ain't broke right? RIGHT?

Would really like to leave Facebook. It just seems so pointless to me. The difference between FB & twitter doesn't seem like much on the surface - but in reality its a grand canyon. On FB, I've mostly only got people who I have actually met or people that I interact with daily. So content is mostly inane stuff that on the surface, I'm not that interested in. (Oh, you've done another survey/took some blurry photos from drunkenness last night/are now a fan of something intangible like laughter ... )

On twitter, I follow people who post stuff that I'm interested in - news, linux, tech stuff, programming, gadgets, etc. Its like digg on steroids.