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Gentoo Linux here we come

The boss (not ex until Friday 03/05/02) rang me Mon morning at 8am to ask if I could come in and "finish up", seeing as how he was going away for a couple of days.

Haha, sure thing. Two days has given me ample time to clean up my tracks, something which I didn't get around to doing last Friday.

I hit the $5 mark finally again with PorivoPEER. Which means I'm $5 closer to getting a full year of paid livejournal access. Maybe I can just keep it going until I get $100 or so, and by then there'll be some more Perm accounts up for grabs.

I was also thinking of giving away thelan, seeing as how it is technically still an early adopter account. I'd have to remove the shared access to it, though. It'd only be useful giving it away if you could actually change the name on it; I remember seeing something about it being able to be done. Might go have a rummage around.

Oh, and yes, pertaining to the subject line, I've got myself the Gentoo ISO, so one dark and stormy night I'll head down to the uni lab and see how it runs on my machine. It was featured in the latest Atomic, and the idea behind it sounds pretty cool. So I'm going to give it a go.


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Apr. 30th, 2002 05:46 am (UTC)
account names can be changed for a fee of $10 I think (its the fee Im not sure of-I know there is one but not what it is)
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Steve P

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