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LANnage, sleep, assignments.

Went out and got set up on Friday night. A tech from a local high school brought along a switch and a couple of hubs (which I think he sold to XiN for $50 each) which we got set up promptly. We set the tables up in a circle and put the switch in the middle, with the hubs connected to it but taped down to the floor around near the tables, like so.

I went out and got a bottle of these to keep me going for the whole two days.

I stayed there all night, printing out registration forms and in general getting the odd bits and pieces sorted out. Fell asleep in my chair at 6am, woke up at 8:15am to our UT admin and his UT clan wanting to get inside.

From there it was all systems go; throughout Saturday I managed to get in games of Counter-strike (of course!) Quake III, Quake III Rocket Arena, Quake II, Quake II Rocket Arena (can you tell I like Rocket Arena?), Unreal Tournament, a little bit of Alieans vs. Predator, and did I mention Counter-strike? We actually didn't play much counter-strike again this time; most of the rest of my team played UT for the majority of the day.

I suck at UT.

One thing I seemed to be getting significantly better at is CS; one of the more memorable moments for me was killing two players with a single shot. I even led the scoreboard at the end of one of the tournaments.

We started slowing down at about 1am, and we finally quit at 2am. I finished packing up everything and getting everyone I was supposed to home by 4am, and was in bed by 4:30am. Massive sleep deprivation, as you all well know, is usually followed by massive sleep. I woke at 3pm =)

The unfortunate side to all of this extraordinary is that I still have assignments due in next week =( Which means tonight is assignment night, sleep deprivation or no.


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Aug. 21st, 2000 09:44 am (UTC)
You just think you're hot shit because Chris is pretty predictable. And I'm not much better.


I'm more led, than leader. In CS, at least. Remind me not to follow that fucker into the sewer tunnels in siege again.
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Steve P

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