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If you will, the devil will ride

When I was a kid at school, every Easter they would have an Easter fair. (They still hold it to this day)

I remember helping my Mum make marshmellow bunnies for it. It had something to do with it. We would do it every year, we had big bunny moulds, medium bunny moulds, and little bunny moulds. The big moulds would never work properly, but we'd make them out of different colous of marshmallow, and coat it with dessicated coconut, coloured a different colour.

I also remember on Mother's Day, the PTA would put on a "buy something for your mother" type thing. They would set up a giant stall in the music room, and class by class we were led in there, to buy something for our mothers. Plastic flowers, coin purses, trinket boxes ... that sort of thing.

I grasp at these memories, they are one of the few things I do remember from my childhood. I remember once trying to tell my Dad that the reason I am so forgetful is because of the epilepsy I had in childhood. He laughed at me then, and made fun of me. I sometimes wonder if the two could be linked. Sometimes I hope that could be the reason, so I would have something to blame for it.

I think my memory of past events is more .. associative. I experience something similar, and it triggers a memory.

I have a very, very vague memory, when I was four. I was sitting on a bean bag in front of what looked like a stove, with some ... wires tacked onto me. Maybe my head. There was a nurse, maybe, or someone authoritative talking to me. Its a very vague memory.

Sometimes I hope that everyone is the same as me; everyone remembers with the same lack of acuity.


Aug. 4th, 2002 04:20 am (UTC)
I don't remember much of my childhood at all :/
Sometimes I wonder why.

I know a coping mechanism of mine is to shove things to the too hard basket in the back of my brain. The thing is it gets clogged up in there and I run out of room for the simple memory tasks then too...
I wish I knew what to blame too :)


Steve P

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