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First fuck-up with my new ISP. So far they have been pretty damn good. Tonight it told me that my password was incorrect. I decided to go play some BG2 for a while. I'd been putting off the fight with Tolgerias for a while, seeing as how I gave up on him last time.

This time, I managed to kick his ass, after trying about six or seven times. (Success = him dying and none of my party dying) I then found the power core of the Planar Sphere. Heavily guarded by two Iron Golems, Clay Golems and four Stone Golems. The Iron Golems are easy; they continually get stuck in doorways (because of their immense size), and my barb with his Halberd can out-reach him. The problem was the golems; behind each Iron Golem three waited quite happily for the Iron Golem to fall, so they could rush in. Stone Golems are tough, two together are tougher, and a Clay Golem by itself is a pain in the ass, let alone grouped with two Stone Golems.

Instead I decided to just go outside and get the Demon Heart for the power core anyway. The idea was to Invis 10' radius my party and sneak past the golems. To cut a long story short, it worked ... although I wouldn't have minded trying to kill the golems anyway for the experience.

And so ends tonights game of BG2. Next time I play I have to go take on the Vampires.


Steve P
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