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Hi, LiveJournal.

I know I haven't written in here a while. 9 Days. Wow. I've been working six days a week, which is okay. I've printed out a whole bunch of resumes with the new laser resting here. There's some sort of focus there somewhere to hand them to potential employers at some point in the future.

I think I'll have a look around on a p2p app for the rest of this album (I have only CD2 ... thanks Haj!)

The guilt, I am wracked with the guilt. I can't understand it. It's gone too far to turn back now, but where did this guilt come from?

Dad's new comp is perfect except for one minor problem: it won't turn off. As far as I can tell, its a power supply problem (the case for it only came with a 250w generic). When the motherboard receives the "switch off" signal, it switches off ... and promptly switches back on. I suppose it could be a motherboard problem too. Plan to try my PSU on it sometime next week. Occasionally when it switches back on, it fucks up and starts beeping. Oh, and the motherboard for some reason defaulted to 1.15Ghz (on a 1.53Ghz chip). From the feel of it, its roughly twice as fast as mine.

My brother sent up 50 blank CD's for me to use, obviously on the proviso I burn some pr0n for him and send it down. The CD's themselves aren't too bad. They aren't exactly top shelf, but they aren't scraping the bottom either. (Like the last lot I bought ^&%^Y$^ing one out of ten)

Played a little bit of Neverwinter Nights. Its a cross between DS and BG2. Not bad, although I have been reading a lot of bad press on it. I think first on the list is the INABILITY TO IMPORT BG2 CHARACTERS DESPITE BEING PROMISED THIS THROUGHOUT BG2. The excuse on Bioware's website is "it would have amounted to importing a name, as you would have to re-do the rest of the character". What a crock of shit, there are plenty of options there available - this is just plain laziness.

And Grand Theft Auto III is awesome.

Fucking Bioware. I started my BG2 game again, importing my Monk from my old game (he only just got Quivering Palm ... kickass!), and starting with a new archer (grand mastery in long bows this time), Wizard Slayer, evil Priest and an evil Sorcerer. Now that my Monk has Quivering Palm I might exchange him for the Kensai for a while.

The guy I worked for as a PA is giving me the run-around with my PAYG Payment Summary. I have got my tax done and ready to send in, I am just waiting for it. I've rang him twice now, and both times he has given me the same excuse ("I thought we sent it, I will check with my wife who does these things"). Its been over 6 weeks since the first time I rang him, and nada. The second time I even gave him my address. I'll ring him once more this afternoon and see if I can't get it by tomorrow afternoon, otherwise I'll have to fill out a Statutory Declaration about it. I don't see what else I can do to force him to give me one.


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Aug. 22nd, 2002 01:05 am (UTC)
"Oh, and the motherboard for some reason defaulted to 1.15Ghz (on a 1.53Ghz chip). From the feel of it, its roughly twice as fast as mine."

Jumper on the Mainboard, default is 100 FSB, you should set it to 133 FSB.

Aug. 22nd, 2002 02:20 am (UTC)
There really aren't that many jumpers on the motherboard, none of them have anything to do with the default memory speed, and besides which, there's a bios menu which takes care of this.
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Steve P

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