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La de da

Seeing as how its all working fine again (touch wood) I might try a longer post. Hopefully I don't drop out, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I have a couple of posts that didn't get posted because of whatever problem my ISP had, I will backdate those.

[Manager stuff]
Wednesday morning I started working as a manager. One of the most interesting things I am finding with it is their total change of focus. All other managers and crew now look at me as a manager. As in, the day before, they treat me as if I am crew. Change the uniform, suddenly everyone changes. I have stepped over a certain social boundary, well at work anyway. I can already see things are going to be difficult with Emma; not as in "we'll be working together" (it's not that much of a hassle working together; occasionally we have arguments but we know how to sort those out efficiently) but with regards to starting finishing times. A lot of times, our shifts will start and end at the same time (like today, I finished at 2pm, she starts at 3pm, finishes at 12am, I start again tomorrow at 4am). I anticipate this will make it difficult to get time out together.

[b0rked stuff that has now been fixed]
As I said above I seem to have the ability to post again. This and an inability to access my Yahoo! webmail were making me go bald. Damian put me onto a program called FetchYahoo, which is for GNU/Linux, YahooPOPs! is exactly the same but for Win32. It works pretty well, although it doesn't know how to download images or attachments. I lost a few attachments, but I'm pretty sure I have all those backed up on the HDD anyway.

Emma's 21st party was on the 12th October. It was really good, Damian and Greg, and my Mum, came all the way out from Mackay for it. There was lots of people there, and we held it in Emma's parents newly-erected shed (it dwarfs the house beside it). Music was fantastic, but only because I provided it :p Emma got a MAMMOTH haul of presents, the list reads more like a wedding present list than a 21st birthday list. Kitchen appliances, dinnerware, vases picture frames etc etc. Yes she is obviously stoked about it.

Finally managed to get into a uni course over the Spring/Summer semester (over Christmas). Security and the Internet; I bought the text for it last year, but forgot to enrol. They have now conveniently changed the text. Adam offered to let me use his, on the proviso I come out to Mackay to get it. No problemo, just have to pick a day when Emma and I both have the day off. We'll come out and do some Christmas shopping. This is my third last subject, and its one of those subjects where you have to study the textbook; assignments are all True/False, Multiple choice, short answer, exam is the same and open book.


Steve P
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