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Give me some of that love

I have to wash Emma's car this afternoon ("Isn't it actually our car?" "Who do you think pays the loan repayments?" "Yeah, but aren't you paying with what is technically OUR money?" [no response]). Will wait till about 5, its just way too fucking hot to wash it in the heat, besides the water will probably steam up as it comes out of the hose.

Its THAT hot.

Have to sort out my super too. I'm in four different super schemes at the moment, I have the forms to get all the balances transferred into my current one. I'm not really in the mood to go super shopping so the current one will have to do.

Work is super cool. Not. Fou (restaurant manager) was grumpy at me yesterday for a variety of reasons, and on top of that it took me 3 hours to count cash again. (Should take me half that) The boss dropped around too and had a go at me because I was taking too long.

Next year we're going to be getting some Chrisco's hampers, I think mostly because Emma's parents got a whole bunch this year. Impressive haul, to say the least. We're going to get a couple of alcoholic hampers (here and here, a "traditional" one and a freezer one. Oh and also a biscuit one. Those should keep our pantry/fridge stacked full for a few months :p


Steve P
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