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Little red mosquito

I forgot to add to my Christmas haul the USB modem I got from my brother. At first it didn't work at all, simply hard locked the comp whenever I tried dialling. I have old USB ports on my comp so my suspicion was of the modem trying to draw too much power through it. Its only got a 250w PSU in it at the moment.

I turned off the modem speaker (which incidentally, outputs through your sound card) and it suddenly worked. Also fixed a niggling video problem by upgrading video card drivers and updating to SP3. The windows update site still says I need to download 26mb of updates. Typical.

So now I'm surfing on a 56k modem instead of a 33.6k. Occasionally it hangs the computer like before, which is annoying when it happens at the wrong time.

I tried ringing Scorptec (where it came from) to see if I could exchange it for some speakers. They wanted to fix the problem. Gah. Just give me an exchange!

That'll be my next computer part purchase: Speakers. I think my SB AWE 64 (an ISA card, too) can only do 2 channel sound though, so I might have to get a new sound card when I get them.

Of course everything and anything that we want to buy has been set back until after I get all my wisdom teeth ripped out. Thats going to cost a lot, and I need to save up to get it done. My dentist makes a lot of money out of me.

I pleasantly discovered the book exchange here in Emerald. Exchanged a couple of Sara Douglass books (got them for Christmas '01) for Matthew Reilly's Temple. Read it in one sitting. Have also been reading Martin Scott's Thraxas series of novels. Full of dry wit and sarcastic humour, they are detective novels in a cliched fantasy setting. Fun and easy to read.

Have finished Halo on easy and nearly finished it on Normal. Apparently you get a different ending on Legendary (the hardest setting). Sega GT 2002 is awesome, but haven't played it much. Wish I didn't have Jet Set Radio Future. The music is ok, but thats about it.

Am still waiting on my Secret Santa present. It was sent on the 19th December (or so my SS tells me), so it appears to be lost in the mail. Still trying to contact my SS again, the bugger msged me once and hasn't replied to any of my emails since. The recipient of my SS present got his two weeks after I sent it (just after Christmas).

I've figured enough from the dropped hints everywhere that my brother is coming to visit. Likelihood is this weekend, but could be any time really. If you're reading this Brendon, I'm sorry but asking me for Emma's phone number and simply saying "I can't say why I'm calling her" is like waving a flag saying "hey, I've got something secret planned for you Stephen".

Dennis swore off writing in his journal, presumably as a result of some dire event. I tried sending an email, but he hasn't replied yet. Maybe I should just call sometime, haven't talked to Dennis in a while. Would love to catch up, doing it in person would be better. I regret the fact that we have drifted so far apart since we have moved away. LJ kinda brought us back together in a net connected sort of way. I find it hard to continue a good friendship with someone so far away. At the same time I know if he asked me for a favour I'd find it very difficult to say no - he was and still is that kind of friend to me, even if we haven't even spoken directly to each other in over a year. Don't ask me what brought all this on. I just got to thinking is all. (This is exactly the same with Paris, except we haven't spoken to each other in two years or so).

One day soon we will all catch up with each other. Hopefully it involves a few cartons of beer.


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Jan. 16th, 2003 02:14 pm (UTC)
I miss you lot too Stephen :P.
Jan. 17th, 2003 12:59 am (UTC)
I love Matthew Reilly's books too, I haven't read Temple as yet cause every time I go to the library to get books it's always out.

We'll have to try and catch up when I get to Mackay, come to the coast for a w/e visit sometime : )
Jan. 17th, 2003 01:31 am (UTC)
silent, but not too silent :)
"dire event"? maybe not, but yeah, my 2nd to last last post caused issues and Sarah and I have broken up (not purely cos of the post). Shit happens, but I'll move on, not too happy about it all, but I don't think I'm suppose to be happy :P

Its funny isn't it, when u look at how long we've known each other, we've had great times and bad times. Do you realise that we met back in grade 7, about 13 years ago. God I feel old...

Catching up at Xmas 2001 was pretty good, we're still not that different from when I left. Lots of lessons learnt, but still essentially the same people.

I don't know whats planned for me in the near future, lots of things have happened already this year and its only the 17th of the 1st month :P

Say hi to Brendon and Emma for me, it's been a while since I've seen either...

Have Fun!
Jan. 19th, 2003 05:31 am (UTC)
A feeling of mutual respect
Cheers Stephen. I agree, I feel bad though for not ringing you in like nearly two years. But hoping that the occasional email and lj postings help or maintain a connection of reality of whats happening in each others lives. Everytime i log on the net the first things i do is login to lj then go to each of your posts.
Always look forward to reading them.

Well how about this... Guys... at the end of this year we have to catch up in Mackay around xmas new years ok. Why? just because.

also lots of beer involved. Lets see if we can make a week of it.
Miss yaz all.
Also have a guess where i am at the moment?
In a little village in Spain called Cadaques about 2hrs north east of Barcelona on the mediterainien coast towards france. look it up if you want.
Anyway i´m spending 5days here with friends for an even called Saint San Sebastian Day 20th January.
Basically its a day given to the Saint San Sebastian. And....
Where i am staying is at Lady Moin´s house. She owns the mountain and her mansion is on the side of it. Its a huge Church where the legend of San Sebastian is.
How i know her? Candy my sister worked for her for a few summers back in 93-95.
Anyway these next 5days are going to be.. non sober.
Miss yaz.
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