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Tomorrow it may change

I closed my account at the C'wealth Bank today. I've had that account since I was about 6 years old. They decided to change the fee structure, something like $5 per month as an account keeping fee. I'm not going to pay $5 a month to keep open an empty account.

I also booked my operation for early April, so now I just have to make sure I get the time off for it (and recovery afterwards). It shouldn't be a problem, but if it is, I may have to postpone the operation until whenever I can get time off. Saving the money for this operation has renewed my faith that we can save up for stuff if we want to. Actually I'd like to get a high interest Internet based account, like the ING or HSBC ones. It'll happen.

I've been thinking very seriously about selling my car. It might be an utter POS, but it still goes pretty well, and I reckon I should be able to get absolute minimum $1000 from selling it.

These vanilla incense sticks simply don't last long enough.


Steve P
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