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Bored, bored, bored. I normally don't post when I'm bored because I would rather not inflict it upon everyone else but


Well the pain has subsided in my teeth. Which hopefully means I'll be able to make it to April 4th and beyond. I didn't actually say on my journal what happened on V Day. So let me regale you with the tale of Valentine's Day. Like every other western human, I couldn't give a fuck about Valentine's day, although usually when the day arrives I generally feel like doing something romantic.

Emma and I found some great recipes about the place, and decided to have a top class dinner for once.

Entree: Garlic and rosemary roasted baby chatswood potatoes.
Main: Salmon cooked in a white wine, shallot and cream sauce, served with some greens.
Dessert: Peanut Ice-cream pie smothered in a rich chocolate sauce.

We drank a bit of the white wine with the dinner.

Emma gave me a "Happi Pot - Gerbera" (thats what it says on the info stick). We've since found this awesome blue glazed ceramic pot, and Emma even re-potted it for me while I was at work. I made her up a booklet of "gift vouchers" for her to redeem with me. Stuff like "guilt-free foot, back, shoulder and neck massage", "wild night out on the town", "one thing for today that will make you happy" (wasn't sure about giving her that last one). She's already redeemed one of the back rub ones. I think she was pretty satisfied with the result.

Last night we had mackerel cooked uhh well it had an olive oil based baste, and a bit of garlic in it as well. The mackerel tasted ok, but I didn't really like it, neither did Emma. I think we'll stick to salmon and tuna. We got a bottle of this red called McGuigan's Black Label, which sounds promising I know. You have to remember that between Emma and me we could probably find a slight difference between top shelf wine and goon.

I went to my exam yesterday. I went extra early to print out some assignment solutions and other notes to help me in it (open book). Hmm, 24hr comp lab closed due to their incompetence in being able to maintain a decent lab. So I had a wander around the place. Hmm, admin office. Helloooo? Anybody here? My attention was drawn to the insanely large printer taking up some serious floor space. Then to the computer in front of me that was logged in. The large text at the top of this post conveys my feelings exactly. Went for a wander up the hallway to the two computer labs fitted out with 60+ brand new computers.

Oh look, a supply room. Hi, I'm here to sit my exam for my subject, Security and the Internet? Thanks for the informative subject, it was great working under you professor numbnuts. It was also interesting to note that all the admin people had p2.x ghz and large 19" monitors or 17" LCD monitors, while across the hall the local Student Association rep had a p133 (Win95) and an old HP printer. They sure have their priorities straight.

... can't even focus on a coffee cup ...


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Feb. 23rd, 2003 03:18 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a perfect well exercised beaurocratic administration.
I mean.. what else would you expect?

P5's for a lab and the techies working with P160's as servers scratching their heads and using resources on how to improve their computer to support such a complicated network of computers and printers.
come on! :)
(please forgive my poor attempt at an analogy)
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Steve P

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