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Yeah, rub it in while you can bitches.

So, the operation went pretty well. I was all set to be in pain all weekend, and to my relief there hasn't been any. My jaw and its associated muscles have been stiff and sore, and of course there has been some swelling, but no real pain to speak of.

I was prescribed a run of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and some mild painkillers. I've been taking all of them diligently as prescribed. So that probably helps. No major blood leakage, no nausea or anything like that. Quite surprised actually. I'd read quite a few horror stories about getting wisdom teeth out (as most of the population has had it done at one time or another). I was immediately nautious when I was finally allowed to eat some food. I went into shock for five minutes, and then I was fine after that.

Emma went shopping while I was under the knife, she bought new work shoes for herself, a bunch of new socks for me (non-work socks). Two new games (Munch's Odyssey, Dead or Alive 3), two new cd's (8 Mile soundtrack and latest JJJ Hottest 100) and two new DVD's (My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Lilo and Stitch). Also got a plastic cover for my phone and a lanyard strap to hang it around my neck too.

Her Mum bought this awesome dress for Emma to wear to the wedding, she looks fantastic in it.

With my time off I've just been chilling out at home watching movies and playing Xbox. Hired a few games out; Panzer Dragoon Orta and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance are on the definite to-buy list now. DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball is also on that list, but nobody takes me seriously when I say I'm going to buy it.

(If you were male, you would understand. Women just roll their eyes and go "you only want to buy it for one thing!". Well, duh! You women never complained when we bought Lara Croft! (well I never did ... maybe I leeched it but I never bought it). Tomb Raider wasn't that great a game anyway.)

Damian's gonna come visit while I've got lots of holidays, which will be cool. Actually one of my controllers seems to be sporadically having fits, in particular the left thumbstick stops responding when I push up on it. Reset the console, it works fine. Might have a look around for a solution to this problem.


Steve P
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