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I miss you like sleep

Fortnightly update time.

Umm. I've been doing work. And trying to sort things out with Emma, although sometimes I wonder if we are just going in circles. Lots of depression, lots of work. Graeme, a good friend from work, leaves tomorrow or something to live near where I used to live.

I'm planning on having some sort of alcohol soaked party for my 25th. Something that includes shot glasses (because we have a whole bunch). Someone suggested I should have it in Mackay. I think the reason put forward was "Mackay has a better nightlife!". I guess if you did compare the two, Mackay would be slightly better. But then, I have a pretty dim view of meat markets nightclubs in general.

Gilmore (my Happi Pot Plant) has had his ups and downs, and is now coming along nicely. A flower or two for the effort, thanks. Emma says he might need re-potting into a larger pot soon. I kinda like the pot we have, though. Maybe we could get another plant =)


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May. 8th, 2003 09:28 pm (UTC)
Mleh. Nightclubs aren't really all that bad, but the smoke and the accent on the visual does tend to make things pretty shithouse. :p And if you're not trying to pick up or ogle, well ... I can't see a whole lot of reasons to be there. No sir.

Hah! Re-potter.
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Steve P

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