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Jun. 25th, 2003

Okay, so normally I would have updated a bit earlier. Had a big move and of course, the party, on the weekend.

Friday night we cleaned out the spare room, but left the spare bed and the desk. Took a few trips. Saturday we moved the fridge, the water cooler and the lounge; we also went shopping for party supplies. Lots of meat, lots of softdrink (which incidentally never really got drank).

The general idea behind the party was that everyone should bring a different bottle of alcohol, thereby building a nice range of liqueurs so we could make interesting cocktails and shooters. It was also a good way to quickly build up the home made cocktail bar. (The party still cost me around $500 anyway)

It sort of worked out that way. I hope I didn't come across as trying too hard to be a real barman, because I know I'm not. Instead, Emma's brother Matt (whom we have moved in with) kind of went nuts with the alcohol, making all sorts of concoctions up. Which was handy, as everyone readily consumed them.

A kind of alcoholic-induced chaos ensued.

Thankfully, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, including Penny and Nils, although I really feel like I let both of them down. All I can say is I'm sorry guys!

Sunday was clean up (which surprisingly didn't take that long) and more moving. This time beds, and everything else. The flat is now completely empty, and coincidentally, ready for cleaning. I'm supposed to go around sometime today and do that. We'll see if it pans out.


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Jun. 24th, 2003 07:24 pm (UTC)
Vote one Stepan, with the rockingest bathroom this side of Rubyvale! Okay, so maybe it wasn't the most likely place to hang out, but it turned out to be an okay move. Hrm. So long as it doesn't become a habit. ;)

Because I like repeating myself: that there house is damn fine. Congratulations on the housewarming / birthday stuff, hopefully we can do it again some time. Heh, I'm actually kinda glad there was no music, too ... can't for the life of me think why, though. :P

Just wish I had've been in on one of those fireballs ... ;)
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