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Close your eyes

I've got a few minutes before I start work, so here goes.

Settled into the new house pretty well. Moved the computer into the room beside the kitchen. Emma's cat moved in a few days after the big party, and has managed to piss somewhere on the carpet in the room with the computer in it. Not happy but what can I do? Burn some vanilla incense. Seems to work pretty well. We've got all sorts of carpet sprinkles and air fresheners happening to try and kill the smell, not just from this room but the laundry as well (where the litter tray currently lives).

There's a feral cat that seems to live under the house, and it seems to like attacking Eddie (Emma's cat). According to the neighbour over the back fence (its a real back fence, so we can lean on it and yap on with each other for hours - being old they tend to do that) its also attacked a few other cats around the neighbourhood. Called the pound today, they will give us a call when they have a cat trap ready for us to borrow so we can catch this feral cat. Bonus! No charge to take it to the pound to get it put down. =)

My ISP will cut off my connection on the 25th of this month, and as I'm angling to get some cheap ADSL I might be without for a couple of weeks. We've got a new manager training at work, so I was planning on getting together with the Store Manager and the Owner and finding out when they plan on completing my training.


Steve P
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