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Time's getting on again and I have a few spare minutes before I go to work to update. I've been putting it off too long anyway.

We went for a one-day shopping spree in Rocky last Saturday. I bought a couple pair of 3/4 pants and a cheap shirt. A young guy at work once told me "my Dad just discovered 3/4 pants, its disgusting." Makes me feel old. But they are just so comfortable for me!

I put in for some time off next year in Jan, I put some plans to Emma that we go on a holiday. She's all for the idea, but has reservations about buying a car AND going on a holiday, and being able to afford it. The holiday idea is to do some self-drive touristy stuff in Victoria, and end with Big Day Out. Emma accused me of only suggesting Victoria because I wanted to see Dennis. I swear the thought process went holiday, Victoria, then Dennis. She's not convinced.

Work is work. Last night seemed to blow the scale on the the crap shift-o-meter. Three genuine sickies (all experienced crew), middle of exams so difficult in getting school kids to commit. Guy slipped in the mens toilets and dislocated his knee, one of the younger crew managed to drop half a vat onto the floor in the middle of a rush period (a rush period when we're already under-staffed), all that made it pretty bad. I might have been in a much better mood had the boss not decided to waste 35 minutes of my time questioning me in fine detail about some stupid niggly things I missed on the last shift the second I walked in. These people really need to get a life.

My Dad's 50th birthday is coming up, and I've bought him a neat Leatherman Super Tool 200, although it hasn't arrived in the mail yet. I'm going to get it engraved with something meaningful for him and drive out on Monday or Tuesday to give it to him. Wouldn't mind one myself, actually.

Also on the cards is our Motorcycle Learner's Permits, pushing towards getting the actual license.

Okay, time's up. Gotta go. It's been nice.


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Sep. 4th, 2003 11:33 pm (UTC)

motorbikes are very handy and great fun. what kind of bike did you have in mind? a moped to get to and from work, or something like a honda VBR like emmas brother? i'm tossing up a between a ninja 636 or 900 myself, that is if i get the celica in a sell worthy condition.
Sep. 6th, 2003 06:16 pm (UTC)
I think we just want to get our licenses first. Then we'll look into bikes. Probably an 2nd hand 250 to start with, as we're not really keen on going super fast on them.
Sep. 5th, 2003 03:27 am (UTC)
better idea

move to brisbane and take the tech support position we're advertising for a grand total of between 34 and 36k a year
Sep. 6th, 2003 06:09 pm (UTC)
Mmm, tempting. I saw it ... how come you can't apply for it? No, I am committed to Emerald for a little while now at least.
Sep. 7th, 2003 11:25 pm (UTC)
no need, i already have the job above it

commit to leaving emerald, it sucks and you know it
Sep. 9th, 2003 12:01 am (UTC)
Someone once called me a "closed-minded hick" for not moving to Brisbane.

Maybe if I refuse to move to some other capital city in Australia, I'll get called a "red-necked hillbilly".

I'll put your statement above into the same category.
Sep. 9th, 2003 03:45 am (UTC)

just an old mate who thinks you're elite as fuck, wants your help and sees the possibility of a grand future
Sep. 5th, 2003 05:09 am (UTC)
What's the problem with driving to victoria just to see Dennis? :) Sounds like a good plan to me!

Of course, it could be just that I really miss driving and having a car.
Sep. 7th, 2003 05:16 am (UTC)
Driving around Victoria is a great thing to do, I did that in January this year :)

I'm with Chris, move to Bris that way it's not so far to head down south or up north.
Oct. 7th, 2003 04:18 am (UTC)
Look I'm all for having people drive around victoria and then stopping in on me. Hey, maybe I can make some money out of this... hrmmmm...

Or maybe I'm not that interesting after all and its just the big day out that xian really wants... Nah, of course not, it has to be for me ;)

Have Fun!
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