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Okay, so last Friday I left around 5:30pm to go to Emerald to see my beautiful girlfriend, Emma. Got there about 8 or 9pm, but on the way I think something significant happened.

I got a happy buzz. I really can't explain it more than that. I was just so extraordinarily happy, so buoyant, so exhilirated, that I got this all over body buzz/shiver thing happening (incidentally, I was listenging to Hardknox - Come in Hard when it happened). Very, very cool.

We went out to a party that night, I got slightly tipsy, but was overall very tired (working all day and then driving for four hours can do that to you). Saturday, umm, we just bummed around for a bit. Sunday Emma took me to the Royal Hotel in Rubyvale, where we had lunch and a bit of a look around before we came back. Nice place, beer was a bit steep at $3.60 a pop though.

Sunday night we got out four movies to watch: Dogma, Joan of Arc (Emma wanted to watch that one), Get Real, and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Very religious night; we watched Dogma, then Joan of Arc. Then to top it off, Michael (the one with John Travolta) was on TV, so we watched that. Get Real was sort of the after-dinner mint. It's about this gay English schoolboy coming to grips with his sexuality and helping some other guy too. Riveting stuff, kinda funny too.

Tuesday, more bumming around. Oh, while I was there I managed to finish Super Mario 64 (all 120 stars) and sort of finish Blast Corps (nobody can get all platinum).

Bit of a bad day today; kinda perked up just before with a comment from a friend. I'll put that at the end for effect.

I got caught for speeding on the way home from Emerald; 138 kmh in a 100 zone. Um, yeah, I was speeding. $180 and four demerit points. Also got another speeding camera fine in the mail, which is depressing, however I wasn't driving at the time so I don't have to take it, which is a relief. I also went all the way into Mackay to get my tax return, but then forgot that you have to actually pay the tax agents before they'll give you your money. Duh. Oh, and to top it all off, I now must buy a new monitor. Its been given the thumbs down. Not worth the money to fix it.

Peter, a friend of mine, just sent me this over icq. Perked me up, made me feel a whole lot better about today =) Tomorrow is always a new day, and most likely a better one than today.

"Has anyone told you you're an absolute fucking legend lately? :)"


Steve P
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