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Playing around with iTunes. Awesome program, just doesn't support .ogg though. The QT plugin from here works pretty slowly, and for some reason will only find some ogg files in a directory, not all of them. Single file additions similarly don't do anything for me.

Was going to attempt to use the mac QT ogg plugin from here but it's packaged in the Max OS X .dmg format. Don't spose anyone wants to email me the unpackaged file? The plugin probably wouldn't work anyway under Windows.

Our holiday is pretty much nearly all booked. Just have to organise some other stuff. Well, mainly the Big Day Out tickets. Calling Dennis tonight about it.

Still have a fair bit to do to organise the Christmas function for all the crew at work. At least I have a place to have it. Now I have to get crew interested in going :p



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Oct. 22nd, 2003 09:04 pm (UTC)
You know, if I'd just moused over those links ... what can I say, I was more than a bit scatter-brained yesterday. :P
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Steve P

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