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Bought Gatecrasher: Global Sound System today, as well as a CD carry case for Emma, who is having troubles with all the CD's in their cases etc in the car. I'm very impressed with the Gatecrasher's compilations. Might even get me liking trance and all that stuff.

I also ordered the Death In Vegas CD.

I'm definitely thinking about either deferring uni (as a lot of people I know have done ... and I don't want to be similar to those people) or going back to a single subject per semester and looking for full-time work. As evan already said (or not, but I thought that's what he was getting at), I'll probably only ever get support roles. The thing about only doing one subject a semester is that if I'm not motivated about it now, then I'm still not going to do anything about even if its only one. I simply can't let my degree get any worse than it already is ... I should have taken action about this weeks ago. Things to think about.


Steve P
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