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Well, after talking with a few people, I'm not going to defer. Instead I'll be attempting to get the most out of some of my subjects this semester. Regardless of how well I do in them, I'll still apply for that job. I'm going over to Damian's house and enlisting him to help me get my access assignment finished. Bwahaha, watch out Damian :p

Thanks Adam, for helping me to stop procrastinating =)

I sent away my parcel to Emma today; if you're reading this, it won't get there until Monday. Sorry ... the postal system sucks here in Australia :p

I like Gatecrasher.

I also made a wishlist at amazon.com (seeing as how cdnow has such a wide range of CD's </sarcasm>). Liz: How do I link to it? They use cookies waaaay too much, but then I guess they need to =)


Steve P
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