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Tonight Damian helped me with one of my assignments. Its strengthened my resolve to get these assignments done and to actually get through this semester with only minor injuries.

On the way home I was trying to think of all the albums I own. So here's my list ... true, its not a lot but I think my choice in music defines Me a lot more.

Ben Folds Five - (Self titled)
Ben Folds Five - Forever And Ever Amen
Ben Folds Five - Naked Baby Photos
Ben Folds Five - The Unauthorised Biography of Reinhold Messner
Ben Lee - Breathing Tornadoes
Björk - Debut
Björk - Post
Fat Boy Slim - You've Come A Long Way, Baby
Lamb - Fear of Fours
Live - Throwing Copper
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Best Of
The Presidents of the USA - (Self titled)
The Presidents of the USA - II
Apollo Four Forty - Getting' High On Your Own Supply
Korn - Follow The Leader
Massive Attack - Blue Lines
Massive Attack - Protection
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Radiohead - OK Computer
Sonic Animation - Orchid For the Afterworld (2 CD set)
The Chemical Brothers - Surrender (I've got two copies of this)
The Tea Party - Transmission
The Tea Party - Triptych
Various Artists - The Matrix Soundtrack
Gatecrasher - Global Sound System (2 CD set, various artists)
Jebediah - Slightly Odway (found on back seat of car)
Shihad - The General Electric
Hardknox - (Self titled)
Various Artists - Triple J Live at the Wireless Volume 5 (2 CD set)
Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
Nine Inch Nails - Broken
Nine Inch Nails - Fixed
Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
Nine Inch Nails - Further Down the Spiral
Travis - The Man Who
Various Artists - Big Day Out 2000 (2 CD set)

I think that's all of it. If there's any I've missed, I'll be sure to add them later =)


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Sep. 29th, 2000 06:33 am (UTC)
CD lists.
I was inspired to do the same thing some time ago. It took awhile. You'll see why, if you click here.

I must compliment you on your taste, by the way.

[Side note: I've been up for God knows how long fussing around on the internet and I was reading Evan's friends page and saw your pic of Nova. I'd remembered reading your posts before so I decided to read your journal. Thought I'd let you know why it is that some stranger has just made two comments on your journal. I always like to know how people find me.]
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Steve P

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