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The week in review ..

I'll cut this to save space, leave the ranting till after.

Actually its more like the last 10 days.
Stuff in brackets is not out of my diary.
Friday 27th Jan
3 x crisps, butter tablet
Lucozade (330ml)
Subway melt 6"
Frozen pizza
Lemonade (glass?)
12+ units of alcohol (Hey - this was still a win for me - I only had 6 drinks! Thanks Danny =)

Saturday 28th Jan
Chicken strips
Some lettuce
Corona (These were all from a pub meal at Hogshead pub)
Frozen pizza
3 x tea
Glass water

Sunday 29th Jan
Sml chips
Slice pizza, garlic bread, wedges
sticky toffee pudding, 3x lemonade (Went to Pizza Hut with Paul)

Monday 30th Jan
250ml light Cranberry juice
3x crisps, twix (lge)
3x slices pizza (leftovers)
Couple custard cream biscuits
Sponge pudding and custard
2x sandwiches

Tuesday 31st Jan
2x toasted sandwiches (from cafe)
2x crisps
Frozen pizza and garlic bread
(This is different from my diary because I remember being too full to eat breakfast in the morning)

Wednesday 1st Feb
2x sandwiches
Custard creams (no idea how many)
3x tea
2x toasted sandwiches (home made)
5 litres water!!!

Thursday 2nd Feb
3 litres water
2x sandwiches
Frozen pizza
4x whisky + IRN-BRU
Custard creams and bourbon creams (again, no idea how many)

Friday 3rd Feb
Tea (?)
2x Sandwiches
4 units alcohol (bundy) and coke
Chicken caesar salad
Crisps and twix (lge)
Deep-fried Mars Bar (!!!)
4-5 litres of water

Saturday 4th Feb
Pint lager - 1 whisky
Frozen pizza
McDonalds - chips, deli sandwich + IRN-BRU
tea x 2
4 litres water


So Paul is gone, I've been re-arranging my room. I shifted the TV and DVD into the kitchen, now it feels like I have a lot more space. I've got to go shopping later, I found some simple recipes for one that include tuna/salmon, I'm going to try and replace the frozen pizzas with that. I've been holding back a lot on alcohol, although at Danny's I'd say I stepped over the line a bit. I really did only have six drinks, although Danny is kind of hard to refuse, and he's very quick to re-fill your glass. I had to stop him several times from trying to top me up. Oh and his drinks aren't doubles or even triples, more like quin- or even sex-tuples.

The deep fried mars bar was more for Paul, he has been going on about trying them for ages and he keeps forgetting to get one so I decided to get one for us each. Bleagh.

Bit annoyed as Jamie sent me a text last night at 6 asking if I wanted to go out, I got it at 2pm this afternoon. He replied back, you're a bit late I'm at home and hungover like fuck now. Probably a good thing I didn't go out.

Going round to Paz's tonight, he asked me if I wanted to join in on a roast dinner. Seeing as how I'm trying NOT to stuff myself stupid I replied no and left it at that. But as per usual Paris cannot seem to understand my obviously confusing text message. ("Nope pass, sorry. I'll not b taken in by ur offer of stuffing myself stupid :p I'll bring a dvd tho. Bout 7:30ish") He's called forty-five seconds later asking if I wanted to come around for the roast. I said no. He says why not? You don't usually pass up this kind of thing. I say politely, I'd just rather not be eating roast okay. I'll bring a DVD round though.

Defying all logic, he tells me not to be so sensitive about it. Which immediately gets my back up because I'm NOT being sensitive, I thought I was just being polite. Anybody else might have queried my saying no, fair call, I don't usually pass up a roast. But after asking a second time most people would just leave it at that and not try to start a fucking argument about it. Or get the hint - I DON'T WANT TO GO INTO DETAILS.

Fuck I think I'll just pass up the entire thing completely anyway. I'm just going to cop even more crap from him when I turn up, "How come you didn't want some roast?" or "You missed a good roast". Or he'll go into the whole insult-me-and-pretend-its-a-joke in an attempt to raise a laugh or cheer me up. You know I wasn't pissed off until he starting telling me not to be so "sensitive". Which is another word for "angry". Whats even worse is I've had this conversation with him before. Telling me not to get angry, as though I am getting angry, when I'm not, PISSES ME OFF. Well, no, it doesn't piss me off. Its frustrating, because then you're immediately on the defensive, having to prove that you're NOT angry. Which then in turn pisses me off.

I've gotta go home and get the DVD's, I forgot to bring them. I'll get some shopping on the way.



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Feb. 5th, 2006 11:56 pm (UTC)
man, some people are just gay
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Steve P

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