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Stacks of dead actors

I went shopping yesterday and came back to find Amy and her friend Gary had just sat down to watch Wolf Creek. I've been putting off watching this for a while and I think my mind knew what it was doing and shouldn't have watched it. Amy was much the same. I have never wanted so bad for a movie to be over so soon. I got up this morning having not slept much at all, and I don't think Amy slept much either. Unlike Saw/Saw II, which was grisly and disturbing but a cool, smart thriller, this was just grisly and disturbing. Even The Descent is a better horror film, and I think its because Wolf Creek seems to try too hard to come close to reality.

The ending text even had me fooled for about ten minutes. I knew previously that it was completely fictional, but I still had to google it up to make sure. The script was written well before the Peter Falconio/Joanne Lees incident. The script was later changed to be a little closer to it (I think). Apparently John Jarrat's character, Mick Taylor, is styled a little after Ivan Milat, who prowled the Pacific Highways in the early 90's (again I'm not entirely sure but you can easily google this up).

Don't get me wrong, it's a great movie, builds great tension, but I believe it was Rogert Ebert that said there is a line that horror movies shouldn't cross and this movie does.



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Feb. 13th, 2006 11:09 pm (UTC)
I've never watched the film and I doubt I will. Even so, I checked out a lot of info about it because of all the stories I was hearing about it. Apparently when they say it was based on real events (or something like that) it's not really based on one story inparticular. It's based on lots of different things that happened to lots of different people on lots of different occasions. They just grabbed bits from everywhere and combined it into the one story.

A movie reviewer somewhere (and i can't really remember who sorry) said unlike the regular 3 act movie (introduce all characters, main complication which happens to characters, complication is resolved happy ending blah blah blah), It just seems to have the first 2 acts which I think the idea of is disturbing enough. Megan Spencer (triple J's movie reviewer) said everything was spot on in how they made the movie such as editing and all that. In that respect it was a really good movie. But she didn't like the movie at all because of how it made her feel. Considering this is someone who says they don't make scary movies scary anymore, I think this and everything else i've heard is enough to convince me not to see it.
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