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Its catchy but at the same time its ridiculously childish sounding, and repetitive. Aargh.

For the last weekend I've mostly been playing UT with Damian, and in between getting bits and pieces done on my assignments. Right now I've made up a flyer for thelan so we can get a bit of advertising going with it.

I also updated the web page for them.

At this point in time I've been trying to write up an application for this job in Brisbane. Okay, the job title has the word "support" in it. I'm not really fussed right now, maybe later I'll work up the chain a bit.

Big problem occurred last weekend when a girl that I've been talking to on IRC a lot decided to pop round and say hello (also to see what I looked like). Nothing to get in a tiffle about right? Wrong, she's 14, and I'm 22. Of course, the shit hit the fan with Emma and her best friend.

I think everything's been worked out now.


Steve P
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