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We've got stars directing our fate ...

Ok, well I am on the cusp of buying a computer. Dell, £290 anyone? I'm not particularly fussed what it is, although I am pleased to note it seemed to have the essentials for what I need: USB 2.0 ports, 80gb hdd, LCD screen and DVD reader. It doesn't have a wifi card but they're cheap.

James (my flatmate) was also trying to convince me to get a new mobile phone on a contract. Its tempting, as its just so bloody cheap, but being honest with myself I don't really need a new mobile phone. I just got chell's in the mail, and I'm quite liking it at the moment. Maybe in a couple months or something I'll buy a new one. The computer though I could really use, and to be honest I'll just sell it to Paris when I leave. I'm so sick of using my PDA, its handy but a royal pain in the behind for anything other than the most basic of internet tasks.

Other good news, after fucking around with my iRiver for the last week, I've finally managed to scan and salvage some mp3's. At first Windows said it had 4gb of bad blocks, but on a second scan (and after recharging it) it only found 67k or so. Subsequent scans on different computers have verified this. I'd really like to back up all my mp3s onto a hard drive, as the DVD's I burned last year just before I left to come here are falling to bits. I'd say I've lost a good 2gb or so of albums off them, which is annoying. Though I'm unlikely to listen to some of that music again it is nice to know its not going to disappear.

All up, the only mp3 I lost was track 2 from 28 Days album Stealing Chairs. Unfortunately the original CD is back in Australia, so if anyone has this mp3 lying around it'd be great if you could email it (xian@livejournal.com).

Work is getting to me, it feels like I am doing everything and just getting nowhere. Everytime I think we've gotten ahead twice as much work as before steams in and we fall behind again. Nearly got to do some overtime today but the trust hadn't authorised it by knock-off so I just went home.

Finally, went and watched a footy game down the pub last night. Chelsea lost 2-1 to Barcelona (boo, hiss), Rangers drew with Villarreal 2-2 (yay, woo!). Apparently these were notable games as Chelsea and Barcelona are the two biggest football clubs in Europe and Gers (thats a Scotland team) have gotten further than any other Scottish football team ever in the Champions League. Which is great, I still don't understand the game that much. I just know there are four different leagues, English Premier League, Scottish Premier League, Champions League, and the UEFA (United European Football Association?) Cup league. I think thats right anyhow.

Humm thats enough on football. Maybe more musings later ... go look up the Old Firm in wikipedia (thats Celtic v Rangers) and for homework, tell me out of these teams which is traditionally Catholic and which is Protestant: Celtic, Hibernian, Hearts, Rangers. These are all Scottish teams.



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Feb. 26th, 2006 06:06 am (UTC)
I got it! Celtic and Hibernian are Catholic in origin, and Hearts and Rangers are the Protestants. This is what I get for being bored on a Saturday night with only the internet for fun :)
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