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Well after another disgusting bender at Danny's (no comment) I have woken up again with a mouth so dry I could swear I've been swallowing the dusty remains of my adenoids. I figured it must be my snoring so I did some research this morning about snoring and sleeping disorders.

Turns out my snoring could really really be a problem. I mean, I never thought it could be that bad. I honestly thought that the perpetual sore throat I've had the past month has been the onset of a cold. A cold I wasn't able to shake off. Had a read about it and as it turns out my snoring is probably to blame for my feeling generally crap and tired all the time as well.

This is handy as I finally managed to get down to a local clinic and register with the doctor there. I'm going Monday afternoon for the full health check-up, I might ask them if they can book a sleep study or something to see if there's anything else my snoring might be pointing to.

This could also be a handy excuse as to why I haven't been exercising lately :p

PS According to the British Cheese Board (hahaha) Cheese helps you to sleep better, and doesn't give you nightmares (as the myth goes).


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Apr. 8th, 2006 01:00 pm (UTC)
The British Cheese Board made me giggle :D
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Steve P

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