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Sorta kinda

Well an interesting past few days. Paris and Bev have taken off, they are in Lichfield/Birmingham for the next few days before they fly out to Oz for 9 weeks holiday. Hope you guys have fun.

This of course leaves me alone for all of two weeks. Funnily enough Jamie messaged me Sunday afternoon to go out for drinks at his bar, which was great. I met his girlfriend, she was from Minnesota. It reminded me terribly of Jess, and suddenly I really really miss not having her around. Its gonna be a long two weeks. (Check it out, a guy gave me some of these when I was out. Great idea =)

In other news Rod, our new flatmate, has agreed to go indoor rock climbing with me, which is brilliant. I can't wait.

I've booked most of the stuff for our trip in early May when Jess gets here, now I'm going to be cutting it short so I can meet Paul when he gets here and help him get set up with some accommodation.

Oh and I've created some more userpics. Thanks userpic factory.


Apr. 18th, 2006 11:06 am (UTC)
Sure. You should get a ticket for the Beltane Fire Festival? If you can't order one online (hubtickets.co.uk) tell me and I can get one for you. (30th April, 9pm)

We can meet up on the Royal Mile or on Princes Street. Outside Scott Monument ok? I think you've got my new ph number, just text me.
Apr. 19th, 2006 06:58 pm (UTC)
Hey you. Ok, I sorted accommodation out - I arrive in Edinburgh on the 29 but am staying with a friend of my parents, so I think I'm going to spend that day with her. I will meet you on either the 30 or the 1, together with Alex, ok? (unless you're with Jess on the 1, as I know she flies in then).


Steve P

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