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From an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, by John Howard.

"The Government's workplace relations reforms will support job creation and further increases in living standards. Moving more people from welfare to work will help to lift workplace participation and address a potential shortage of workers in coming years."

*cough* What? Is your own hubris blinding you? In coming years? I'd love to pick this apart statement by statement ... I've gotta get ready for work.

"A third challenge is to ensure that government services meet the needs of a changing society and an ageing population."
"... The big challenge is to get the best out of Australia's social infrastructure in health, aged care and other community services which account for a sizeable and growing share of our economy and are keys to future living standards."

Key words: get the best out of. Not improve.

"And given shared responsibilities, governments at all levels of the federation have an obligation to work together for the benefit of the community."

I wonder if this is his way of saying he'd like to limit state governments more (or get party Liberals in instead).

"We need to find innovative ways to break the vicious cycles - of family breakdown, low levels of education, unemployment and health problems - that can afflict some individuals and communities and to reinforce the virtuous cycles - of caring families, strong learning environments, good jobs and healthy lifestyles - that allow others to succeed in a competitive world."

Here's an idea: Force through new workplace reform laws that allow employers to ignore minimum wages, and dismissal without recourse to appeal. That'll ensure that in the long term, we all have good jobs and healthy lifestyles.

Not bitter. No. Not much.


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Apr. 27th, 2006 03:47 pm (UTC)
From an SMH article,

A spokesman for the NSW Minister for Industrial Relations, John Della Bosca, said: "The danger is that once businesses fully comprehend how to legally exploit workers under the [new] laws we are going to see more people having their wages cut and their entitlements stripped away."

We all voted John Howard in. I doubt we'll seen any major scale protests about this, just those suffering in quiet indignation and being treated this way.
Apr. 28th, 2006 07:06 pm (UTC)
I find it strange replying to my own post, but this is the quickest way of updating my own post. Anyway.

Was talking to an old guy at work today. I mentioned I was working a half day on the Bank holiday this coming Monday (01/05). He had a go at me so I said I needed the money.

He replied, "You're Australian, you wouldn't really need the money would you? If you did the same work in Australia, would you earn more or less?"

I got a bit carried away with my reply :p
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Steve P
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