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Its my bloooooooooood


Birthday time again. This time I am apparently 28. More updates later today (hopefully ... I'll try I promise). Have been trying to get stuff "done" this week. As in, stuff that I keep saying I will get done but put off indefinitely.

So, I have:
- Submitted my tax claim
- Finished sorting my road trip gallery
- Sent parcels back home (whisky for Damian, photos for Dad)
- Updated my hard copy of my journal, and looked at ways of printing it
- Put my PDA up for sale on a UK website (someone on OCAU would buy it ... if I were in AU)
- Sorted my UK internet banking. I hope. The banks here are unbelievably crap. Even worse than AU ones.

Go take a look at my gallery. Some pictures are still untagged (its on the must-do list) but should be by tomorrow morning. Thats about 10 hours from now. Go check out the pictures from the Ben Nevis walk/scramble - I'm so proud of it. I wish I'd had a memory card to take pictures.

The promised updates are supposed to be a write up of my adventures around Scotland in May. Still haven't gotten around to it yet, but should either tomorrow morning or Sunday.

Have bought a king size duvet and cover set. It totally rules. Now all we need is a fan - it is getting quite warm here in Scotland (they had a heatwave in London the other day - 32C ... WHOA!). You'd be surprised how warm it feels when you've become accustomed to cold temps.

Am trying to figure out how to buy a baseball glove online that might have a chance of fitting my huge sweaty meat-palms. I think I'll email a couple online stores and see what they can do for me.

Ok, I'm off to bed, ciao ciao darlings. I need my beauty sleep for the arduous day ahead.

- Steve, this years 28 year old.


Steve P
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