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Interestingly enough, I found this book in my closet. Turns out its Paul's, and I happily devoured it in the last day or so.

Coincidentally, a movie based on the book was premiered this May in Cannes and is due on release anytime soon.

Found a fascinating discussion between the author (Eric Schlosser) and a UK McDonalds exec over on YouTube.

Some of the stuff in the book that disturbs me the most, funnily enough, is not the vivid depictions of abbatoirs (slaughterhouses), or the unbelievably poor attitude to health and safety these corporations have (although it is definitely disturbing). Its the descriptions of how livestock producers are being bullied into toeing the poverty line through collusion and dirty trade practices from the super agribusiness corporations.

Just makes me all the more thankful for businesses like this one in Australia. At least there appears to be checks and balances in other parts of the world.


Steve P
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