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I focus on the pain

Well I passed out after getting home from work today. Combination of staying up late last night (12:30pm, took Mum to see Paul perform at The Stand. Lots of pre-fringe test outs, lots of fun), sleeping in and riding my bike to work and back. Which I haven't done in a while.

Mum was in using my computer to study when I got home; she was gone by the time I woke up at 8:30pm.

I love having Mum here; we understand each other. She doesn't push me emotionally like she used to and I'm far more chilled out about the stuff Mum gets up to. She's over from China to see me until about the end of July. She brought all sorts of presents for me, Jess and even Paris and Bev! Have a schuftie at this bottle of white wine she brought:

Now take a closer look:


Anyway this weekend "Wadstock" is on; really just an excuse for a piss-up out on a farm up in Perthshire. I've been umming and ahhing about it but the bloke organising it finally got back to me so I'll definitely go now. Got a sleeping bag and everything (they were on sale for £15!). Might have to get one for Mum as well. Apparently I am putting in £10 for a keg as well. Hope the beer is ok.

Saving is going ok. Not fantastic, just ok. I am getting the job done. When I get my tax cheque back I'll probably ring up and see if I can make some enquiries about booking our trans-siberian rail journey.

So far the plan is to rail it all the way from here to Hong Kong, then fly home. We're planning to stop in London, Paris, Berlin, Krakow, and maybe St. Petersburg depending on the tour package we get for the Trans-sib trip. During trans-sib it'll depend on the package; likely Irkutsk and Ulaanbaator. After Beijing, maybe Xian (weird!) and definitely Shanghai and Wuxi (where Mum's staying), and of course Hong Kong.

yayay. See you all


Steve P
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