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I finally succumbed to reality and my foot took me off to see the doctor. (Technically I took my foot there)

He prodded it confidently for a bit, producing some nods from me indicating where it hurt. It looks like I've done something to one of my metatarsals. Going for an x-ray sometime this week. I've also been prescribed some pads to put under the ball of my feet. He said to come back in two weeks to see if the pads are doing anything and to discuss the results of the x-ray.

In other news, I got my tax return back. Inland Revenue say I owe them money instead. I had a feeling it was going to happen; I guess unless you know what you are doing, earning too much money over here was bound to do it.

Directors had a field trip out to see our site yesterday; we got an email today praising us for our awesome performance, with a special mention to Steve, the temp. Warm and fuzzy for the day =)

Also asked the doc about getting rid of my hairy moles (no pictures necessary, heh). He said it now falls under the NHS classification of unnecessary cosmetic surgery. This means I must pay up dearly to get it done here; which means I'll wait till I'm either back in Oz or have some sort of health insurance.

No media things for you today. Thats it! I'm out. Cold shower and heading over to see Mum.


Steve P
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