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Who are you?

I'm back at the hospital. Which is great, no more business attire. I hate business attire, even if Jess thinks I look spunky in it.

As Jess mentioned, have been working practically round the clock at Spiegeltent and Xerox. My last entry may have been a little vague, but I can expand on it more now.

Last Friday night after we finished our close (about 5:30am) we sat down for a drinking session. Five pints later and we all got kicked out of Spiegeltent (the horror!) so we moved on to the 1/4 Gill, which conveniently opens at about 6am. After a couple rounds of darts and a couple more drinks and quite a bit of banter, most people headed home about 9 or 10am. This is where things get really hazy for me. Hazy like, I can't remember.

Now I was wearing my contacts, so my glasses were in my work bag (a small drawstring bag) along with my other work stuff (bar blade, waiters friend, pen, earplugs, till key, apron).

Somewhere between the 1/4 Gill and home I've lost my work bag, and gained a brand new Epson printer, still in its box. I've got this clear memory of walking home along a back street, stopping and looking at the box under my arm and thinking, "I've got a printer". By the time I got within sight of home, though, it was more like, "What the hell?". Several theories have been put forward, the best one was from James my flatmate. Sometimes when people are moving they'll pack their stuff back into the box it came in and put it out on the pavement. I probably picked it up thinking "Score!". Definitely the wackiest thing I've done this year, and I think - hopefully - the only and worst binge this year.

So yeah. I lost my glasses (the bar stuff is insignificant; I can't see without my glasses) but got a brand new printer. I'm not sure if it works yet, but I'll test it soon. I went down to an express opticians and got a brand new pair for £170. Unfortunately as the UK is such an effing rip-off, they are about as thick as coke bottles. (Thinner ones are another £170. Ahem, fuck off, I'll wait till my private health insurance pays for it)

Jess's iRiver died, so I've been trying to fix it now. Went and got some very small torx wrenches to pull it apart, it appears there is something wrong with the USB connection as it keeps dropping out. Which is making it difficult to scan the hard drive and re-format it. Ultimate Windows Boot CD is a boon for scanning external USB drives. The hard drive had a lot of bad sectors on it, but it did scan. The USB problem is something else entirely. I think a slightly busted wire between the battery and the mainboard may be the problem. I'll take a picture later though (to post to misticriver forums).

Thats all for now, oh and Dad and Brendon get here Thursday. By this time tomorrow they'll be on the first leg of their very long haul flight (something like 40 hours of travel to get here).


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Aug. 16th, 2006 11:36 am (UTC)
I just hope baggage restrictions have relaxed a little otherwise that's going to be a very very very long 40 hour trip.

Sounds like an interesting binge night. My best is coming home with a pack of 4 phone books that I picked up at the front gate and thought 'score I can make a heap of paper mache with that' or something similar.
Aug. 20th, 2006 07:05 pm (UTC)
hahaha, that's an awesome night out!
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Steve P

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