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So, finally I'm finished working at Spiegeltent. The last couple of days have been as difficult as the rest because I'm just completely over working there. At the start it was kinda neat, but towards the end it was just annoying. Serving drunk people at 2:30am in the morning, picking up cigarette butts at 4am, and getting up feeling like I've just been run over, are the reason I'm sick of it.

The handy thing is I managed to score a couple shifts in Gayola/Famous tents so I was able to see a few acts as well. Its a shame I couldn't work when the Dresden Dolls are playing (Wed); tho I doubt any of us lowly peons would be able to make it behind the bar. La Clique is totally sold out though I think its not as good as last years. Arturo Brachetti is simply amazing, has to be seen, however its not something at the top of my list. He is a quick change artist, probably the best. You wouldn't believe it even if you did see it; there's a couple times he actually does it in front of the audience. You still don't see him changing.

Am very impressed with Spooky Mens Chorale, and with That 1 Guy. Though the last is great at playing his "instrument", I think he can't sing to save himself. Pulls some amazing stuff out of it though.

Got the medical technicians at work to re-solder Jess's iRiver. Apparently it works now, I left it with them.

I'm tired, seeya.


Steve P
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