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  • Ok, so not a lot of money at the moment. I've decided to sell some of my stuff on eBay to raise some more funds.
  • Paris is interested in buying my computer off me for £200, I hope he does ... could use the cash.
  • Next Friday train tickets for Paris to Berlin leg will be purchased. €150 for all three of us, in sleepers (overnight train!)
  • The week after that will be Berlin to Krakow and Warsaw to Moscow tickets. £75 and £150.
  • Jess leaves for Ireland mid-November :/
  • After that we apply for Chinese visas. (Local embassy: ea-sy!) (£20, £30 for Jess)
  • Then we say goodbye to our passports for a couple weeks while the Russian and Mongolian embassies pore over our applications and grudgingly give us visas. (£60, £40, already paid for)
  • Late November, purchasing Edinburgh to London tickets. £37.50 total! Yay for cheap tickets.
  • Then finally, somewhere in mid/late December, we'll apply for Belarus Transit visas. You need one to travel through Belarus. (£10)
  • Oh and how could I forget, at some point we'll get flights from Hong Kong back to Brisbane. Somehow.
Basically, the visas are making me go grey/bald/lowering my sperm count right now. As I tell everyone, ask me at the end of December how the trip is panning out. If we've all got our visas, then I'll be a lot more relaxed.

There's two other things giving me serious headaches:

  • Possibility of work permit in the UK
To be honest I'd given up on it ever coming to fruition, but every time I mention it to my boss, he always seems a little optimistic about me getting one. After talking to him last week, he's promised to talk to his boss extensively about it again, as well as with department heads in the hospital where I work. If I get a work permit, trust me you'll know. You'll be able to hear the whoops of joy from across the pond/wherever you are.

But then if I get a work permit, I still have to go on this holiday (like ... I'm getting visas for it. There's no going back now). Which means I have to figure out how to get to Australia, and then somehow get back to the UK with almost no money.

  • End of working holiday visa
My working holiday visa runs out early January. We leave the country on the 1st Feb. This is about uh, 3 weeks overstay. I checked it out, overstaying is very illegal. Penalties range from fines to being banned from entering the UK again for x years or permanently. There's a couple options I have with this:
  1. Just do it anyway. Plus work illegally for three weeks. Whats worse than being fined by immigration? Having Inland Revenue on your back. Hmm. LET ME THINK. (no)
  2. Leave BEFORE my visa runs out, come back and get a tourist visa for three weeks. Mope around for three weeks and try not to spend money (or get some money on the side). There's also the chance they won't let me back in the country (more chance if you do this after your visa runs out).
  3. Apply for an extension in the last week of my visa. This is sneaky, but it just might work. I like this option, and am going to make some enquiries this week about it.

So thats whats got me worried at the moment. Other than that everything else in my life is super. (I just need more money ... )

Weather has also turned chilly and very Autumn-y. I gotta go take pictures of things for eBay, later.


Steve P
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