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How warm is his heart or ego

  • Tickets for the Paris to Berlin leg showed up. On the website, I accidentally reversed our names on the form so on the tickets our names are reversed.
  • I tried emailing the website (French) by filling out the contact form and clicking send, only to find it redirects to a 404 (non-existant page). Tried the French contact form and what do you know, it works.
  • They never got back to me anyway.
  • Couple things getting done today: vaccinations, advice on extension of visa, and possibly Berlin to Krakow tickets.
  • Finally sold my PDA on eBay, for £120. Quite pleased with that. Also selling the printer I found while drunk for £20 to a friend. Have sold some DVD's to friends for £16, the rest of my CD's and DVD's can go up on eBay. I doubt I'll get much for them but its better than nothing. Also my Crumpler bag.
  • Paris said he'd buy my computer for £200, which will help immensely towards my trip.
  • MediaMonkey as it turns out, works very similar to Amarok under KDE. Highly recommended if you're like me and have a reasonably large music collection. Although after getting Jess hooked on Foobar2000, it is proving difficult to get her excited about MediaMonkey.
  • Thats it, I'm out! Have a great week all.


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Nov. 17th, 2006 02:51 pm (UTC)

gluck with the monies :)
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Steve P

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