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I walk alone

Well, I ordered the Berlin to Krakow tickets, but Deutsche Bahn somehow got my details wrong and didn't charge me for them, so now I have to ring again on Monday and re-confirm payment. As it turns out, it actually cost us ~£128 all up, which I think includes accommodation in a 3-bed sleeper.

Enquired about the Warsaw to Moscow tickets, they are something like £82 each and aren't available until the Polish railways Winter Fares and Timetable are released in December. Which is a bit more expensive and a bit later than I'd planned to purchase them, but what the hey. As if my stress level wasn't high enough trying to organise this trip.

Got my vaccinations done, thankfully I got a couple free on the NHS. The Hep B vaccination cost £58. You could almost hear my jaw clatter to the ground when the pharmacist dropped that one. I don't remember Hep B vaccinations costing that much in Oz. Though thats nothing on the vaccinations I passed on - Rabies (£100), Jap B Encaphalitis (£190).

Turns out my Mum is planning on going to Iran for a holiday. My response was as to be expected ("Are you nuts Mum?"), I eventually settled on getting her to research the place well before she makes a decision to go there. Though I think she's already decided and my protests, as usual, will amount to nothing. (This doesn't make me feel any better)

Jess leaves for Ireland on Thursday, it's going to be strange to be alone again. Even if it is only for a couple of months.

On Friday I installed Rockbox on my iRiver H320. As expected, it is totally awesome and the best themes are the DGT ones. The two features I've been after in my iRiver for ever: Advanced playlisting and crossfading/gapless. Now I can make, merge and queue into, playlists, and its got a 3 second crossfade between songs. It doesn't support USB on the go (maybe in the future?) but it can dual-boot with the stock iRiver firmware which DOES support it.

Alright then well I'm off to have a shower and then I'm heading to Tiso to get some things for our trip (sleeping bag for Jess, LED torch, other things).



Steve P
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