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Captured by moments

Every so often, when I'm walking to or from work, I get to thinking about the special moments I've had over here in Scotland. Those little bits of memory that I cling to, that just remind me of how much fun I've had over here.

So I'll try and make a list, but be warned I'm leaving out a lot of things.

  • Look, I know I go on about it, but going to New York was one of the single most treasured memories I have of the last couple of years. If I could pick out one moment that really defined it all ... I couldn't. Okay, here's a couple from New York:
    • Kilt wearing fun: Other tourists in New York asking to get their picture taken with me. The wolf-whistles. And that special lady out near Madison Square Garden who wanted to tell the world, "GODDAMN I LOVE A MAN IN A KILT" at the top of her voice.

    • Going to the Improv

    • Standing in the middle of Times Square, freezing my ass off (wearing the kilt) and watching Macy's Day Parade go by

    • Statue of Liberty

    • Ground zero

    • and of course, being re-united with Jess, even if it was only for a couple of days.

  • Meeting Paul! You hear people say "hey, small world", but how's this: We've worked together, been IN THE SAME CLASSES TOGETHER, but never really been friends or known each other much at all - until we bump into each other on the other side of the world.

  • Getting a bike and riding to work. Paris and I were drooling over what we thought were awesome bicycles on eBay (They weren't). Paris dared me to bid and I did: Too late I realised I'd bid in the dying seconds, and I had myself a bike. You think riding in say, inner-city Brisbane traffic is suicidal? (Actually, it probably is) Try riding a bike down Princes St in rush hour. Oh, did I mention only buses can drive down Princes St? And most of them are of the double decker variety? Plus, I got fit. I don't do it anymore, but I know I can if I want to.

  • New Years Eve 05/06. If I had any idea my hangover would get an order of magnitude worse on the second day after, I may not have been so free with the shots.

  • Facepalming at Liz's: It was three hours after I'd gotten off my flight, and I had just realised that the woman beside me on the plane had been hitting on me continuously from when I woke up to when I met Liz outside the airport. (Please note: This was five months before I met Jess) Laugh, it's funny. Steve really can be that dense.

  • Figuring out things that just aren't the norm in Australia:
    • You can put clothes on a heater to dry, and there's almost no chance it will catch fire.

    • You don't have to go to a special shop to buy alcohol. Any shop will do. If they don't sell alcohol, go to the shop next door, as they will. And the alcohol aisle in supermarkets. This needs to be allowed in Australia ASAP. (Ummm ... though I probably won't take advantage of it in Oz)

    • That there is actually a thing called Winter fashion. I got this awesome winter coat when I was in Oz, that would keep me super warm. Trouble is, I look like a bird-watcher. (It's ok though for guys: In Winter, everyone looks like a dork. Except the fashionable women)

    • Scarves! Never knew how to wear one, or why I would ever need one.

    • Hot water bottle! Cheap, warm bed. Mmmm. (A recent discovery)

    • Black ice. I've had a few close calls, but so far my cat-like grace has kept my ass from the footpath.

    • F***ing TV License. The. most. idiotic. idea. ever. perpetuated. You know they have detector vans? To find people with TV's and no license? COME ON!

    • Small fridges

    • Pubs as a social place. God I will miss the UK pubs.

    • Walking, hills, and stairs. Three things you get used to pretty quickly in Edinburgh.

    • Broadband that is really, really fast, and also really really cheap.

    • Cider! I'm not talking about your candy-assed Strongbow stuff, I'm talking about Westons, Magners/Bulmers, plus some of the other brands you'll never have heard of before.

  • Standing, holding Jess, on one of the islands of Orkney chatting and waiting to see if the Northern Lights would appear.(They didn't :/)

  • Marching in the Make Poverty History March around Edinburgh

  • Working at Spiegeltent, and especially this year, watching the shows. The atmosphere is amazing ... even at 2am, the temperature is back down to 10 C, the place is packed, the music is pumping. Everybody is freezing but nobody cares, everyone is having a great time and La Clique! I doubt anyone could top the Magic Red Hanky trick. You might be able to find it on youtube somewhere now though.

  • Wadstock 2005 and 2006. Craig Waddell, if you ever read this, I salute you. Now thats what a party is supposed to be like.

  • Hanging out with Brad. Mental note: I will, at some point, meet up again with Brad. Hey, I'm still a Cardinals fan. Even if I've never seen a game.

  • Thomasz. I don't know where he is or what he's doing now, but he was the craziest, funniest, sweetest Polish guy I knew (there are a lot of Polish in the UK, but he was the only one I knew). Just remember, Mad-dogs are: Thick raspberry syrup (dash), vodka, and dash of tabasco. Down in one!

  • Okay, so there's a lot more memories than I thought. Maybe I'll continue this at another time ? ;)


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Nov. 17th, 2006 03:23 pm (UTC)
Alcohol is in random Coleses and things in NSW/SA if I remember the Xaq trip right ... just not QLD.
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