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Well the other day I bought a bunch of stuff for Jess, including a sleeping bag and liner for it. I thought she might be able to take it with her to Ireland, however as it turns out she had enough to carry without the giant sleeping bag weighing her down as well. It's a nice warm one, to take with us when we go city-hopping throughout the world.

I bought myself a rather nice flashlight to take with me and to use in general.

Then this afternoon (after Jess just left ... doh!) I got an email from FlareBrands saying I had just won a FlareSafe flashlight in a recent 1st Contact competition and could I provide them with an address to send it to.

So now I have two kick-ass flashlights; I'll give one to Jess. Photos soon, I promise.

Oh, and despite what Jess said, we don't actually have all our train tickets yet - there is one final set to get, and that is the one from Warsaw - Moscow. As it turns out, I can't get it until December. I have got the rest though: Edinburgh to London, London to Paris, Paris to Berlin, and Berlin to Krakow.

All up the train tickets through UK and Europe will have cost £230 pp. Which is pretty cheap when you compare it to say, a Eurail pass (they can cost up to £500 depending on which one you get). As a rough guide to how much this trip will cost us, let me break it down.

  • £230 - Train travel UK and Europe

  • £900 - Basic trans-siberian tour, Moscow-Ulaanbaator-Beijing, inc Ger camp stay and Russian/Mongolian visas

  • £300 - flight home to Australia (Stopover in Singapore or Seoul. Extra £200 for non-stop)

  • £120 - Train trips in China (1st class sleepers!)

Thats about $4000 in AUD. Of course, if you were in Australia you'd probably get a round-world ticket instead and save a bunch on flights.

Note this doesn't include: Food, accommodation, spending money or other random expenses like visas, bribes, extra items for the trip etc. Though we are getting a few "freebies" with regards to accommodation in Europe and China (full week in my Mum's apartment in China, free stay in Paris).

Ok, I'm freezing. Seeya.


Steve P
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