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It just plain sucks

Just thought I'd add a thought about the new Yahoo! mail interface. While I was doing all that ebaying last week, I was trialling the new web app thingo that Yahoo! is still developing.

I'm almost in open revolt against Yahoo! because of this new ... thing. It's that bad.

I hooked up with google/gmail to get away from using pc-based email solutions (outlook et al). Gmail is fast, clean, and simple. And it includes gmail chat.

Okay, pros:
* It looks really nice
* It behaves just like a pc-based email program like outlook
* It has its own tabs
* It has its own right-click menu (!!!)

* Still in beta. Lots of stuff doesn't work.
* It behaves just like a pc-based email program like outlook
* It spends a lot of time loading things up. To stay looking pretty.
* Because it spends all its time loading things up, it slows everything down.
* Reverting back to old yahoo email means you lose the top navigation bar. The one that lets you sign out of yahoo! mail.

So, I hate yahoo! mail. With a passion. Maybe I'll just close it down and open another gmail account or something.


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Dec. 20th, 2006 06:40 pm (UTC)
Yahoo! Mail Beta
What kinds of things did you see that don't work in the beta? As for the load time, we're working on that. Our recent release cut a little bit of time off the loading. Our next release will have several developers focusing on launch time performance.

It's odd that when you switched back to Classic you lost the top navigation. Did you try filing a bug with our Customer Care team? I switch back and forth all the time during testing and I've never seen that, so I'm guessing some edge condition is being triggered (not that that makes it any better for you, just saying it's not normal behavior).
Dec. 20th, 2006 06:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Yahoo! Mail Beta
Cheers for the reply! Please bear in mind I was in a foul mood the day I wrote this entry, and I haven't gone off Yahoo! mail. Yet.

> What kinds of things did you see that don't work in the beta?

My memory is a bit hazy, but things like, drop-down box to send stuff to a folder (however drag and drop worked; i just don't like drag and drop. I'm used to the old one). There were a couple of other things that didn't work. As I said, it's in beta; I was expecting some things not to work.

> ... cut a little bit of time off the loading.

The annoying thing about it was that it would load; then stop; then load; then stop etc etc. Even though I could still use it, it bogged it down a bit. For example, I'd open an email, and it would load up the new tab. Then after the email had loaded, it would load something else (presumably "in the background"); this would make scrolling a little slow. Its difficult to provide examples from memory, I'd have to switch to it again and have another go.

> Did you try filing a bug with the customer care team?

Ummm ... I think I did actually. I do remember rummaging around the help files, though it wasn't very helpful. I'm pretty sure I submitted something, my memory is hazy about it though.

In any case, I've since noticed that the nav bar worked fine in IE, so it must have been some sort of bug with FF. I think it might be fixed in the new version of FF (I'm sure I loaded it up at work with the new version and saw the nav bar today).
Dec. 28th, 2006 02:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Yahoo! Mail Beta
In case you're still looking at these comments.

I think I've found the problem with the navbar. At home I use the original Adblock along with the Filterset.G auto-updating filter list in FF.

I only just started using Adblock Plus on my USB key, which uses different filter sets. I get the navbar on FF off my USB key, and not at home.
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Steve P

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