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'Tis thou canst save amid despair

I tried calling Deutsche Bahn yesterday and today about booking the train. Both times I was told their booking systems were down and to call again tomorrow.

Tried calling another Euro rail agency; they said the tickets wouldn't be available for another 10 days or so. Really frustrating. I've been told its bookable 60 days in advance; then 59; now 45.

Couple of women from somewhere within the bowels of Xerox came out to film us yesterday. It has something to do with an executive meeting they are having early next year. They asked us some questions which seemed totally inappropriate. At least, they dropped them on us without any explanation. Apparently they were supposed to provoke some sort of "funny" response.

Questions like:
* How many emotions are there?
* What emotions have you felt in the past week?
* Pick one. What colour would that emotion be?
* etc etc.

Anyway, it was a load of bollocks.

Am getting rid of my room, and moving back in with Paris for the last three weeks of my stay in Edinburgh (from 3rd January). So I've put an ad up and there's a few people coming round this week to have a look at the room. Actually, a couple people tonight.

It's weird having to pack everything up again.


Steve P
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