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Lannage, Part II

I'm at work at the moment. Today is the last day before school holidays. It also happens to be the first day of the Olympic Games.

I'm sick of them already.

I don't know what its like for other countries, but here we are getting a veritable flood of Official Olympic sponsored broadcast, news, live events, caps, t-shirts, limited edition pins, etc etc etc.

I stayed up and watched NBC news the other night. The theme was aussie slang. Watching Matt Louher(sp?) and Katie Couric et al make such a fuss about the pecularities of our language is almost offensive. The weatherman guy "... and here's what its like ... in your neck of the woods" looked kinda cut that he didn't get to go for a vacation in sunny Orstralia. (Hypocrite: me)

Then there's the live broadcasts. Last night it was the lighting of the AMP Official Olympic Community Cauldron (tm) at Sydney. About five commentators, using all their favourite adjectives: spectacular, fantastic, amazing, awesome, etc etc.

Yawn, yawn, yawn.

Another LAN party tonight. I'm not sure how many are going to turn up (no-one is) but we're all hoping we get a decent turnout. I hope the other guys in our admin team managed to get some advertising for it. This time I am literally bringing the lounge with me; this was virtually my idea, so I'm left to implement it myself.

Of course, getting the couch from my place to the venue is going to be difficult. Someone else is going to be bringing a PSX and TV.


Steve P
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