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Dec. 26th, 2006

Well after my last (depressing) post, it's always nice to post something upbeat and interesting. As if there was anywhere to go but up for me.

Saturday was a blast at Doune Castle. We recorded all sorts of goofy stuff, including having me do a re-enactment of the black knight. The one that gets all his limbs chopped off. I forgot all the lines, don't worry. It was a lot of fun though, and included lots of dancing past the camera and several pretend deaths at the hands of Galahad Quentin.

Sunday I packed up a bunch of my gear and busted a kidney getting it down the stairs and back up again at Paris' place. There's not much left to pack up here, I'm pretty good at getting rid of a lot of stuff I don't need. Paul and I also went shopping for Christmas food.

Today was enormous fun. We didn't actually do anything, except sit on the couch and watch back to back Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and a few movies to boot (Flushed Away, Baseketball). We also ate quite a bit of food and may have overdone it on the whisky.

For my Christmas haul I got a kickass green irish shirt from Jess. A ghillie shirt from Paris & Bev (often worn with a kilt). And the piece de resistance from Paul: A Nintendo DS with New Super Mario! To say I was totally blown away was an understatement.

We were sposed to have a roast sometime Christmas day but we never got around to it. Maybe sometime Boxing Day?


Steve P
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