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Halving the compass

Well, now I've got the passports back and everything is sweet, I can have a bitch about it.

Last visas we sent for we paid extra to get a 48 hour turnaround on them. £27 each, for a 2 day visa to travel through Belarus. Through, not visit, through it. Its a single train which travels from Poland to Russia, through Belarus.

£27, not the most expensive visa I've paid for. Well, until they rang up and told me, despite their web page saying nothing of the sort, that Americans (ie Jess) must pay £95 for the 48 hour turnaround. Thats right, £68 more.

That makes Jess's visa the most expensive and pointless visa. Come on! We're travelling through it! Not even my UK working holiday visa cost that much!

While I'm on the subject, whats with Australia charging people $2000 a visa? (pretty much any visa/work permit - except for WH. Look it up if you don't believe me!)

Enough bitching. We have our passports back. We have all the required visas. We have all the train and flight tickets (well, still waiting on train tickets in China - not a huge hassle). We even (*shock*, *horror*) should have a bit of spending money to see us through to Australia.

We'll be sending some cartons home next week with all our stuff in it. Whisky is going separately (It's my preciousssssss), but come 29th when we leave all we will have is our backpacks and thats it!!

Can you smell that?? (no, not my ass you fool!)



Steve P
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