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Loose ends

Just some last minute things now to do. Booking accommodation for Berlin, Krakow and Warsaw (only places to book for). Still waiting for Mum to get back to me about China, she said she would pay for it on Monday but I still haven't heard from her.

Talked to the boss at work, its all good. They are getting people in so I can get them up to speed before I go.

Last drinks will be on Australia Day (26th Jan) at The Chanter. You know. If you're in the area. Come by for a scoop, a bevvie, a few quiet ones (and several raucous ones) etc etc.

Here's what we'll be wearing. Promise.

Packing the last of my stuff up tonight, sending it off probably Friday. Still procrastinating about the phone number list.

All the hassle over the room I was renting is now over, someone has agreed to move in. The landlady is still being fussy about it, though its out of my hands now.

I've been playing Brain Age. I've got my Brain Age down to 21, 1 shy of the best. Unlocked some of the harder modes. Probably only reason I'm doing well is because I'm playing it as a game, not as a brain training program.

Advance Wars is a brilliant little turn-based strategy. Rub Rabbits/Feel the Magic is completely wacky but brilliant. Still getting my thumbs around Super Mario 64. All in all I think the DS, lite or not, simply blows away the PSP on games. The touch screen makes the biggest difference.

I've got work to do, bye.


Jan. 17th, 2007 06:39 am (UTC)
ofcourse in true kilt wearing tradition you cannot wear underwear


Steve P

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