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I find it so relaxing to just float around in a pool and relax. If you couldn't already guess, I'm out in Emerald with my girlfriend again. I came out almost directly after the last lan party.

I've come to the conclusion that I should get a note taker or something for when I'm on a long drive; I have some really profound thoughts that I want put into my journal but I always forget them when it comes to actually putting them in.

One of the first things I did when I got here was get a haircut. I've been letting my hair grow for the last eight months or so; it was getting annoying. My girlfriend came along to give me moral support.

Its inevitable that Chris (one of the "Admins" for our lan party) will tell me I was trying to copy his actions, or at least follow in his footsteps. I'm not. Chris died his hair "Corvette Red" a couple weeks back; two days ago I got my hair died "Velvet Blue". I'll try to post a pic sometime soon, but it'll be difficult.

I still haven't told my Mum yet ... I talked to her on the phone, and hinted that I got something really different done to my hair. She told me its okay so long as "... its nothing drastic ... like, um, getting your hair coloured purple ...".

Hehe. Oops.

Its good having short hair again. Hajime got me hooked on Diablo II at the last lan; I've been playing that a lot. I'm up to Act III.

Ooh ooh, and I have tough hair. I was there three hours because when they put the dye in my hair, it didn't "take hold" at all. I had to be bleached; and apparently I have a sensitive scalp. (I think it was because I had scratched it vigorously while washing earlier) My scalp was extraordinarily sore for the next day or so because of it.

I think I'll get it temporarily dyed brown if I get an interview.


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Sep. 20th, 2000 12:48 am (UTC)
Don't do it.
Act III? j00 ins0l3nt p\/n|< !!!!!!!!!!11111
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Steve P

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