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I'm in London still

Well, not for much longer. We've been running like mad around the city the last two days and we've managed to see what we wanted to see.

We've adopted our Necromancer ("Loki") as our unofficial mascot for our trip. Poor choice, as at some point soon he's simply going to fall apart. Paul even ceremoniously dumped his bag on him at the start of our trip to get us started with the creases.

Unfortunately the CS'er who was going to put us up let us know late on Monday afternoon that he wouldn't be able to meet with us until 10:30-11:00pm that night as he "had someone to meet". We were originally going to meet him at 8pm (and our train arrived at 5pm so not too bad) but with 5 hours to kill and heavy backpacks to tote around, we decided to book into the nearest, cheapest hostel and leave it at that. (The Generator Hostel - cheap, decent accommo, cheap food, free breakfast, good security) As an added bonus its pretty central and close to the British Museum. The guy we would have been staying with lives in Zone 4 on the tube, which would have been a royal pain when trying to get anywhere.

So in the space of two days, we've seen:

Science Museum
Westminster/Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
Buckingham Palace
West End show (Avenue Q)

British Musem (Rosetta Stone!)
London Bridge/Tower of London/Tower Bridge
London Eye

Bit less today because we did dancing stuff in front of various landmarks (as someone has been having trouble keeping the battery charged on his video camera).

Tomorrow morning we'll be heading off to Paris via the Channel Tunnel/Eurostar train. Let the re-packing begin!


Steve P
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