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From Russia with brrrrr

Just a quick one.

We're in Moscow, Russia now and its freeeeezing. We just finished our intro tour to Moscow with our tour guide.

We're in a net cafe now, I've only got 20 mins left and I can't plug in my camera to upload the pictures/podcast from the Warsaw - Moscow train ride.

I'll recap quickly.

We took a (totally packed) train ride from Krakow to Warsaw on Saturday afternoon. We walked. And walked and walked and walked to the hostel, through what felt like -20 temps. Totally frozen when we got there.

The hostel was great, definitely recommended. We stayed there the night and got a taxi to Wschodnia train station in the morning. Not the most inspiring station - basically a very old warehouse converted for use.

So we stood around for a couple hours waiting for our train. The last half hour on the platform, freezing as usual. Train was 10 minutes late, it didn't leave the platform until 11:00am.

At the Poland border, we had our passports stamped to say we were leaving, no problem.

Then the train shunted over the river border into Belarus. Passport control just a -little- different. First 20 or so officials came on the train. One came by to collect tickets (though our conductor had collected ours earlier). Another came by to video tape the cabin, then finally the passport officer came through and collected our passports, and left us with migration forms.

He then asked us to leave the cabin so he could have a quick search through, we think to check for stowaways.
After sitting there for half an hour filling out our migration forms (wondering if we were getting our passports back?) he came back, stamped our passports and took their half of the migration forms.

After that the train was shunted into sheds and had the bogies changed, I've got tons of pictures of it, very cool to watch.

We thought there would be russian passport controls at the border but as it turns out, entering Russia via Belarus counts as entering the Russian Federation, same thing.

We leave tomorrow night on our 5 day train to Ulaanbataar in Mongolia, I will post again from there!

(Thanks to all for their notes of congratulations!)


Steve P
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