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Blind faith?

Well, I've been having fun out here at Emerald. Apart from getting to be with Emma lots (which I can never tire of), I dragged my computer out here; with the intention of doing two things: Playing Diablo II and ripping a whole bunch of CD's, which happen to be owned by Emma's older brother.

Damian (or the #linux crew ... can't remember) made me look at the Ogg Vorbis format a while back, so I determined I'd use that. Seems like a worthwhile cause to support; and I really don't have much to lose if it isn't that good.

I had to hack abcde a bit to make it work with oggenc, as there doesn't seem to be any tools to edit the header info on an ogg, and the only other way to set it is at encode time. abcde likes to set the tag *after* the file has been encoded.

There's also a few bugs in abcde; if I had the time and inclination I'd like to add support for oggenc properly. (And fix the bugs)

In any case, my time on the computer has been split into two: Playing Diablo II and ripping CD's. As of writing this, I have now ripped:

DanceNet Volume 1 (Three CD set)
Gatecrasher: Red (Two CD set)
Gatecrasher: Wet (Two CD set)
Gatecrasher: Disco-Tech (Two CD set)
Gatecrasher: Global Sound System (Two CD set)
Limp Bizkit - Significant Other
Soundtrack: The Fifth Element
Soundtrack: Wipeout 2097
Mr Bungle - Self-titled
Massive Attack Vs. Mad Professor - No Protection
Fat Boy Slim - Better Living Through Chemistry
A Perfect Circle - Mer De Noms

To come is "Pulse 6" a double CD of ... dance/trance/house etc. No idea, really. And "Club Nation", another double CD. There's also some other interesting CD's in Matt's collection I wouldn't mind getting too.

So now I have 1.6Gb's of oggs lying around. If someone wants one, they'll just have to get the plugins for winamp/xmms (or the player ...) to play them.

I'm up to Act IV in Diablo II. Can't to get to the Secret Cow Level there.


Steve P
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