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Coffee yell

Ok, so the job hunting is afoot. I've been applying for several jobs over the last couple of weeks, not always with great enthusiasm.

I signed up with Adecco to see if they'd get me anything but so far its been pretty useless.

We're coming down to Brisbane with my Dad and his gf soon for my cousin Amanda's wedding (April 7th/8th) so if nobody bites by then I'll just stay in Brisbane.

I will say I'd like to stay in Mackay a little while longer simply because I've got a couple of great friends here.

It turns out the memory stick for my PSP has shit itself, so I'll need to get another memory stick before I can downgrade it to 1.50 and put some games on there.

Other than that its just holiday mode for me and Jess. Oh and we have started our own little training regime to get ourselves a bit more fit.


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Mar. 26th, 2007 12:13 am (UTC)
what's your resume look like these days? shoot me a copy yo, chris [at] pipenetworks -dot- com
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